What are projects?
The projects on the Digital Hub are initiatives, programs or resources that address mental health issues in the APEC economies. Projects can be aligned with intergovernmental (e.g., mental health legislation and policy), health service delivery (e.g., best practices, data standardization), clinical (e.g., health clinician resources, guidelines), and/or public (e.g., anti-stigma campaigns, advocacy) sectors. Projects can be local, regional, or international.
How do I submit a project to the Digital Hub?
To submit or propose a new project, please contact the team at info@apecmentalhealth.org
I am interested in a project. Can I join the team?
There are different ways to engage with a project. You can "like" the project and receive regular updates about progress and changes. To actively participate in a project, you can submit an application to join the project team. Some projects are open to new members, while others are at maximum membership.
I am a researcher. How can I collaborate with the Digital Hub?
To receive more information or to join a project team, you can contact the Project Lead or the Focus Area Lead.
Do you have public resources for allied health professionals and/or the public?
Yes, check out our new Resources page for resources grouped by theme and target audience.
I am interested in funding a project. Who should I contact?
See our Funders page for more information on contributing to the Digital Hub.