Workplace Wellness and Resilience3Projects

Given important links between economic productivity, development, and mental health, reducing workplace stress and promoting psychologically healthy work environments is a top priority for APEC economies.

Integration with Primary Care and Community Settings4Projects

Integrating services into primary care and developing strong community support networks are fundamental for improving comprehensive mental health care.

Advocacy and Public Awareness3Projects

APEC economies recognize stigma as one of the greatest challenges for mental health, with a particular need to support mental health advocates who work hard to bring mental health issues to the attention of community and government leaders.

Vulnerable Communities and Children4Projects

Social adversity affects mental health and wellness and must be addressed to ensure mental health services both reach and benefit vulnerable communities, including children, people with disabilities, women, and the elderly.

Mental Wellness of Indigenous Communities1Project

Improving mental health services for indigenous communities, including equitable access to higher-quality and culturally safe services, is a critical need in several APEC economies.

Disaster Resilience and Trauma3Projects

Several APEC economies share heightened risks for natural and man-made disasters, in which mental health interventions are as critical as physical and general health responses.

Data Collection and Standardization2Projects

Increased data collection and sound research, standardized through best practices, is the foundation for strong interventions that will support mentally healthy societies.