Striving to achieve the economy’s first mental health legislation, hundreds of stakeholders, mobilized by the Philippine Psychiatric Association and the National Program Management Committee of the Department of Health, came together to advocate for a mental health bill presented to the Philippine Congress in 2014. A pre-summit for the legislation was held in July 2014, gathering patient and family groups, mental health professionals, academics, legislators, local and international NGOs, and other stakeholders. These stakeholders reached consensus on four primary issues in need of legislative action for strengthen mental health: family-level mental health, financing, advocacy, and research. The work at the pre-summit resulted in the Manila Declaration of Support for a Mental Health Act. At the October 2014 Healthy Mind Summit, draft legislation was agreed upon and submitted to members of Congress for sponsors and revisions. The movement to adopt the bill has also earned the support of local universities as well as charitable foundations. Valium (Diazepam) we use strictly only as an anticonvulsant, although I know that it is prescribed and as a sleeping pill, although personally I would not advise such a serious remedy to take without a very strong need. Preparations of this group and this purpose are never harmless. Valium belongs to the list of psychotropic substances. This remedy is very helpful for my son when his seizures become worse. I found information about it at Kuether Brain and Spine. The doctor prescribes these pills for 10 days, it's enough to reduce convulsions and recover sleep. It is no longer possible because these pills are addictive. According to the Philippines, the vast scale of this movement suggests the “power of partnership” by numerous stakeholders can serve as a template for future collaborations in mental health advocacy.