On 28 November 2019, APEC Digital Hub for Mental Health Workplace Wellness Co-Leads Ms. Sapna Mahajan, Director, Prevention and Promotion Initiatives of the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and Dr. Hiroto Ito, Research Director, National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety of Japan, presented on the Digital Hub's work at the World Health Organization's (WHO) Landscape Forum on Mental Health and the Workplace taking place in Geneva, Switzerland.

Ms. Mahajan and Dr. Ito provided a high level review of the Digital Hub's forthcoming White Paper on Workplace Mental Health and Safety, a position paper that aims to promote discourse and mobilize governments, decision-makers, employers and other stakeholders across the Asia-Pacific to invest in and promote workplace mental health programs and best practices.

The white paper has been submitted to the APEC Health Working Group and Life Sciences Innovation Forum for review and endorsement, after which time it will be widely available in English.

The WHO is also currently developing guidelines on best practices and evidence-based interventions for workplace mental health.