The outbreak and spread of a novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been devastating globally, including for much of the Asia Pacific region. During this unprecedented global health emergency, we recognize that the mental health effects of COVID-19 will be profound. Healthcare workers and others on the frontlines, including those providing essential services, are working under extreme stress and threat to the health and safety of themselves and their families. Vulnerable people, including people experiencing homelessness, migrants, and people with living with existing mental health and substance use conditions are at high risk and may struggle to access care. Millions of people are facing job loss and economic vulnerability. The economic and social impact of this pandemic will be far reaching and long-term.

The APEC Digital Hub recognizes the urgent need to provide mental health support and resources across the region, including sharing best practices for promoting and supporting mental health during this troubling time. The Digital Hub executive is exploring options to support member economies to share existing mental health initiatives related to the COVID-19 pandemic. As you will see below, we would also like to call on our membership to collaborate on the Digital Hub’s response to this pandemic. We acknowledge that this is an exceptionally busy and stressful time for all, but believe that it is imperative to provide a coordinated response to support enhanced mental health promotion and support across the APEC region. We wish all our members health and strength during this very challenging time.

Disaster Resilience and Trauma Working Group Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

The APEC Digital Hub for Mental Health calls on members to participate in the Disaster Resilience and Trauma Working Group, with specific emphasis on the devastating mental health implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage experts from across the APEC region to participate in shaping the Digital Hub’s response, including sharing best practices, identifying gaps and developing a forward-thinking strategy to support mental health and economic recovery in the region.

Resources: COVID-19 and Mental Health

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