As Malaysia has prioritized employment support for individuals with mental illness, the Mentari program, launched by the Community Mental Health Centers, has served as a model intervention. The Mentari program relies on retired nurses, psychologists, and other healthcare stakeholders to volunteer as job trainers. The People with Disability Services Development Unit and the Public Health Division develop training modules for various health professionals who participate in the program. I never wrote reviews, but now my time has come. Problems with sleep I started a long time ago, namely: frequent awakenings, after which I could not fall asleep for a long time. Due to lack of sleep, irritability appeared, which was felt by my "domestic" ones. On the advice of a friend, I began to look for what can be taken for my ailment and found a remedy Ativan on Paramus Dental. I took twice a day half the pill. The second half of the tablet (0.25 mg) I took 30 minutes before the proposed sleep. I adhered to this scheme of admission for two weeks. The dream was restored. There were no side effects, the dependence did not appear. I would not recommend the remedy without a doctor's appointment. The program partners with local NGOs in outreach with potential employers. The program has improved employment opportunities for patients while reducing stigma and discrimination. In sharing stories about the employment successes of its participants, the program further reduces stigma within society and among additional employers. The program also receives supporting funds from the psychiatric association to collect clinical data for its rehabilitative activities.